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Career Stat Individual Leaders Pro


#Player NameGPPTS
1Pro Player6739243827
2Pro Player6739243827
3Pro Player6739243827
4Pro Player6739243827
5Pro Player6739243827
6Pro Player6739243827
7Pro Player6739243827
8Pro Player6739243827
9Pro Player6739243827
10Pro Player6739243827
#Player NameGPG
1Pro Player6739215516
2Pro Player6739215516
3Pro Player6739215516
4Pro Player6739215516
5Pro Player6739215516
6Pro Player6739215516
7Pro Player6739215516
8Pro Player6739215516
9Pro Player6739215516
10Pro Player6739215516
#Player NameGPA
1Pro Player6739228311
2Pro Player6739228311
3Pro Player6739228311
4Pro Player6739228311
5Pro Player6739228311
6Pro Player6739228311
7Pro Player6739228311
8Pro Player6739228311
9Pro Player6739228311
10Pro Player6739228311
#Player NameGPSHT
1Pro Player6739274604
2Pro Player6739274604
3Pro Player6739274604
4Pro Player6739274604
5Pro Player6739274604
6Pro Player6739274604
7Pro Player6739274604
8Pro Player6739274604
9Pro Player6739274604
10Pro Player6739274604
Shots %
#Player NameGPSHT%
1Pro Player6739220.80
2Pro Player6739220.80
3Pro Player6739220.80
4Pro Player6739220.80
5Pro Player6739220.80
6Pro Player6739220.80
7Pro Player6739220.80
8Pro Player6739220.80
9Pro Player6739220.80
10Pro Player6739220.80
Shots Blocked
#Player NameGPSB
1Pro Player6739221787
2Pro Player6739221787
3Pro Player6739221787
4Pro Player6739221787
5Pro Player6739221787
6Pro Player6739221787
7Pro Player6739221787
8Pro Player6739221787
9Pro Player6739221787
10Pro Player6739221787
Points per 20 Minutes
#Player NameGPP/20
1Pro Player673920.79
2Pro Player673920.79
3Pro Player673920.79
4Pro Player673920.79
5Pro Player673920.79
6Pro Player673920.79
7Pro Player673920.79
8Pro Player673920.79
9Pro Player673920.79
10Pro Player673920.79
Face-off %
#Player NameGPFO%
1Pro Player6739250.00
2Pro Player6739250.00
3Pro Player6739250.00
4Pro Player6739250.00
5Pro Player6739250.00
6Pro Player6739250.00
7Pro Player6739250.00
8Pro Player6739250.00
9Pro Player6739250.00
10Pro Player6739250.00
#Player NameGP+/-
1Pro Player67392-178
2Pro Player67392-178
3Pro Player67392-178
4Pro Player67392-178
5Pro Player67392-178
6Pro Player67392-178
7Pro Player67392-178
8Pro Player67392-178
9Pro Player67392-178
10Pro Player67392-178
Penalty Minutes
#Player NameGPPIM
1Pro Player6739214653
2Pro Player6739214653
3Pro Player6739214653
4Pro Player6739214653
5Pro Player6739214653
6Pro Player6739214653
7Pro Player6739214653
8Pro Player6739214653
9Pro Player6739214653
10Pro Player6739214653
#Player NameGPHIT
1Pro Player6739281818
2Pro Player6739281818
3Pro Player6739281818
4Pro Player6739281818
5Pro Player6739281818
6Pro Player6739281818
7Pro Player6739281818
8Pro Player6739281818
9Pro Player6739281818
10Pro Player6739281818
Power Play Goals
#Player NameGPPPG
1Pro Player673921607
2Pro Player673921607
3Pro Player673921607
4Pro Player673921607
5Pro Player673921607
6Pro Player673921607
7Pro Player673921607
8Pro Player673921607
9Pro Player673921607
10Pro Player673921607
Short Handed Goals
#Player NameGPPKG
1Pro Player67392176
2Pro Player67392176
3Pro Player67392176
4Pro Player67392176
5Pro Player67392176
6Pro Player67392176
7Pro Player67392176
8Pro Player67392176
9Pro Player67392176
10Pro Player67392176
Game Winning Goals
#Player NameGPGW
1Pro Player673921823
2Pro Player673921823
3Pro Player673921823
4Pro Player673921823
5Pro Player673921823
6Pro Player673921823
7Pro Player673921823
8Pro Player673921823
9Pro Player673921823
10Pro Player673921823
Minutes Played
#Player NameGPMP
1Pro Player673921114083
2Pro Player673921114083
3Pro Player673921114083
4Pro Player673921114083
5Pro Player673921114083
6Pro Player673921114083
7Pro Player673921114083
8Pro Player673921114083
9Pro Player673921114083
10Pro Player673921114083
Hat Tricks
#Player NameGPHT
1Pro Player67392946
2Pro Player67392946
3Pro Player67392946
4Pro Player67392946
5Pro Player67392946
6Pro Player67392946
7Pro Player67392946
8Pro Player67392946
9Pro Player67392946
10Pro Player67392946
Hits Received
#Player NameGPHTT
1Pro Player6739281818
2Pro Player6739281818
3Pro Player6739281818
4Pro Player6739281818
5Pro Player6739281818
6Pro Player6739281818
7Pro Player6739281818
8Pro Player6739281818
9Pro Player6739281818
10Pro Player6739281818
Penalty Shots Goals
#Player NameGPPSG
1Pro Player6739257
2Pro Player6739257
3Pro Player6739257
4Pro Player6739257
5Pro Player6739257
6Pro Player6739257
7Pro Player6739257
8Pro Player6739257
9Pro Player6739257
10Pro Player6739257
Total Fights
#Player NameGPTF
1Pro Player67392214
2Pro Player67392214
3Pro Player67392214
4Pro Player67392214
5Pro Player67392214
6Pro Player67392214
7Pro Player67392214
8Pro Player67392214
9Pro Player67392214
10Pro Player67392214
Fights Wons
#Player NameGPFW
1Pro Player6739229
2Pro Player6739229
3Pro Player6739229
4Pro Player6739229
5Pro Player6739229
6Pro Player6739229
7Pro Player6739229
8Pro Player6739229
9Pro Player6739229
10Pro Player6739229


Save Percentage
#Goalie NameGPPCT
1Michael McNiven*1560.943
2Pro Player50440.784
3Pro Player50440.784
4Pro Player50440.784
5Pro Player50440.784
6Pro Player50440.784
7Pro Player50440.784
8Pro Player50440.784
9Pro Player50440.784
10Pro Player50440.784
Goals Against Average
#Goalie NameGPGAA
1Michael McNiven*1561.30
2Pro Player50444.25
3Pro Player50444.25
4Pro Player50444.25
5Pro Player50444.25
6Pro Player50444.25
7Pro Player50444.25
8Pro Player50444.25
9Pro Player50444.25
10Pro Player50444.25
Minutes Played
#Goalie NameGPMP
1Pro Player5044215801
2Pro Player5044215801
3Pro Player5044215801
4Pro Player5044215801
5Pro Player5044215801
6Pro Player5044215801
7Pro Player5044215801
8Pro Player5044215801
9Pro Player5044215801
10Pro Player5044215801
Shots Against
#Goalie NameGPSA
1Pro Player504470914
2Pro Player504470914
3Pro Player504470914
4Pro Player504470914
5Pro Player504470914
6Pro Player504470914
7Pro Player504470914
8Pro Player504470914
9Pro Player504470914
10Pro Player504470914
#Goalie NameGPSO
1Pro Player50441490
2Pro Player50441490
3Pro Player50441490
4Pro Player50441490
5Pro Player50441490
6Pro Player50441490
7Pro Player50441490
8Pro Player50441490
9Pro Player50441490
10Pro Player50441490
#Goalie NameGPW
1Pro Player50441792
2Pro Player50441792
3Pro Player50441792
4Pro Player50441792
5Pro Player50441792
6Pro Player50441792
7Pro Player50441792
8Pro Player50441792
9Pro Player50441792
10Pro Player50441792
Penalty Shots Save %
#Goalie NamePSAPS %
1Michael McNiven*1450.931
2Pro Player5690.917
3Pro Player5690.917
4Pro Player5690.917
5Pro Player5690.917
6Pro Player5690.917
7Pro Player5690.917
8Pro Player5690.917
9Pro Player5690.917
10Pro Player5690.917
#Goalie NameGPL
1Pro Player50441723
2Pro Player50441723
3Pro Player50441723
4Pro Player50441723
5Pro Player50441723
6Pro Player50441723
7Pro Player50441723
8Pro Player50441723
9Pro Player50441723
10Pro Player50441723